Word Press for Churches


Churches have long been a symbol of tradition and antiquity but the modern times have provoked the position of the ministers to make changes for the accommodation of millennials who live in an era where social media platforms have become their mode of communication. Such that there have been a shift to integrate church ministries into the internet so that the community can access the activities of the church in their mobile devices.

These online presence have become a must for the continued existence of churches and religions and they managed to make their presence felt through the creation and operation of websites.

There are however challenges for the creation and maintenance of websites particularly the design and transcription of the different applications to the site. There are different benefits brought about by the creation of these websites such as the ability to choose from the different themes for lay out, tabs, widget placements and more. There are millions of wordpress church themes available online and it is as easy as selecting the different themes that are acceptable to the ministry and depicts the message they want to convey to their members.

Word Press is an open source and community developed application which means the updating of this application is sourced through a team of specialists around the world. It is open because payment is not made if you decide to use the software since it gives no right of usage to anybody. When you use the software, you can make changes without the need to ask an administrator and have the ability to share these to your friends.

This software is fully customizable and the different sermon manager widgets and plugins that you can use will make sure that the website you created will be up to date and can easily catch with the trends in the internet. This will make your viewers and followers use the website with ease, find the things they want without much time spent and be able to interact with the ministers openly and fast.

The different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can also be added to your website making it an all in one online ministry. A benefit of having your own website made through Word Press is that you can customize it readily, add and edit your own content and the best thing is, it is for free. The only time that you will be able to pay is when you avail of the web hosting service where a team of individuals will manage and run your website.

You can also learn more details about WordPress for churches by checking out the post at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd0grLQ4voU.


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